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TextureHunting.com Licence

TextureHunting.com is a free texture provider aiminng to help developers and content creators to achieve their goals with ease, because of that, all textures and images in TextureHunting.com are totally free for use, for both personal or comercial purpuses. That said, our Licence or terms of use are very straightforward:


You CAN:

- Link to TextureHunting.com as the source of your textures. This is not mandatory, but is greatly preciated, as it will help to get us known by content creators.

- Edit our images in any way you see convenient.

- Use them on games, apps, applications or in any project that requires a texture.

- Use them for printing purposes: you can print sheets, make shirts, mugs etc.

- Our main target are games, both 3d or 2d, for mobiles, consoles or pc, but you can use any of our textures in other projects, like webpages or any other application that may require textures.


You can NOT:

- Redistribute our textures as textures in any way unless its a finished product like a game, a print job, an app or a non gallery/textures website.

- Redistribute our textures in any other texture related website, gallery website or similar.


You can mail us at TextureHunting@gmail.com if you have any question regarding Licencing or if you need to use our textures in a special project.


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