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What Is TextureHunting.com?

TextureHunting.com is a free texture provider aiminng to help developers and content creators to achieve their goals with ease, because of that, all textures and images in TextureHunting.com are totally free for use, for both personal or comercial purpuses.

Can i use your textures in my commercial project?

Yes! as long as you are not redistributing our textures in a gallery/textures websites you are free to use them as you see neccesary. See the licence page for more details.

how does TextureHunting.com works?

We take pictures, edit them and then convert them into seamless textures with game engine materials in mind. So all our textures are original and handmade.

How do i download a texture?

Easy, the old way: Right click on the texture preview that you want and click on save image as.

Is there any download limit?

No. All content in TextureHunting.com is totally free, without any download limit.

How can i support TextureHunting.com?

You can help a lot by making a clear and visible reference to our web when using our textures. Aditionally you can help us by becoming our Patron.

Mail us at TextureHunting@gmail.com if you have any question.


You can help TextureHunting keep providing awesome content.

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