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About TextureHunting.com

TextureHunting.com is a free texture provider aiminng to help developers and content creators to achieve their goals with ease, because of that, all textures and images in TextureHunting.com are totally free for use, for both personal or comercial purpuses.

[Karel Pick]: Im a game developer since 2011 and i was always having the issue of getting textures for both my prototypes and final version games. Most texture sites have download limitations, require susbcribing, or has some sort of fee or membership, besides their textures require editing, as they are not seamless most of the time because they are not intended for beign used in game engines.

[Haim Zamachi]: Freelance photographer since 2011. I have dabbled in social and landscape photography although I always had the objective to photography material that helps designers, with useful images, in their work. Texturehunting.com is the result of this idea, because it brings intentionally photographed textures to be used by developers in their own projects.

The combination of programming, game development and photography lead us to he idea of making TextureHunting.com, with the idea of helping the the development community. By making original textures from pictures taked by ourselves. By so, all our content is original and handmade.

The main target of our textures are games, both 3d or 2d, for mobiles, consoles or pc, and they are created with that in mind: a seamless texture that can be used in any renderer material to give life and personality to an object. But theres no reason why you couldnt use out textures outside the gaming ambit. If our content serves you in your project, as long as you respect our Licence, go for it..

Finally, TextureHunting.com is a free project, we dont sell textures, subscriptions or anything, its all free here. We use ads for mantaining the website.

Mail us at TextureHunting@gmail.com if you have any question.


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